EST 1925

Meliora Farm

Meliora farm was established in 1925 and our family has been farming here ever since.  We are a citrus and avocado farm.

We are located at Peats Ridge on the Central Coast of NSW.

We welcome you to our farm to experience the joy of picking your own fruit from June through till December.  

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Our Produce

Our Passion

Tim’s farming practices incorporates a blend of conventional, biodynamic and organic philosophies with a focus on soil health and minimal use of chemicals. This approach aims to create a sustainable farm rich in diversity that produces nutrient dense food.

Tim is passionate about food being fresh. The time between harvesting and consumption has a big impact on the nutrition of the fruit. So we are happy to invite you to our farm so you can access the freshest fruit possible.

Our Story

Supplying The Best Produce Since 1925

The name Meliora is a latin word meaning better or best. 

Tim is now the third generation farmer. Ken Kemp, Tims grandfather, believed firmly in the “Furphy” water tank philosophy……Good Better Best, never let it rest, till your good is better and your better best. 

Cropping consists mainly of avocados and citrus. 

Enjoy our produce and country style hospitality.

Everyone is Welcome